Aus (cme4e) wrote,

set adrift on the Sea of Friendship

I’m at work trying to pass my lunch time away, listening to music and thinking of days gone by. Life is so different, no just because of the things I’ve changed, and the person I’ve become, but because of the people missing in it. I have never been one to be defined by my friends, but my friends have always been my family, and right now it feels like I have family that I haven’t seen in so long.

Friendships that have slowly melted away like glaciers in the sun hit by global warming. Once huge majestic things shrunk to something smaller then the drip from a kitchen faucet. I worry about the family out of site, for with me on this subject, out of sight is not out of mind.

Where have you gone, what have you become... I used to know what made you who you are but have the tragic or beautiful moments of life some how shaped you into something else? Have you grown? Obtained your dreams? Have you fallen, and now are in a dark and alone place?
I know I can’t protect the whole world, and I can’t always make things better.... but who I am states I’ve gotta try.

Enter guilt: stage right.

I don’t know these things about those I miss because I didn’t keep the lines open. I didn’t make the effort to keep the our ships afloat on the Sea of Friendship. I know I had to do in life what I’ve done to get were I am. I know it’s left me here wondering.

Exit guilt: stage left

I have faith that those people are doing what is best for them as I did for me. I hope their visions are right and true. I hope they have their best intensions in mind and those now around them have their best intensions in heart. I know... The path way to hell is paved with good intentions... but so is the pathway to the heavens.... The difference is follow thru I would like to think.
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